Package-level declarations


Name Summary
CircleShapeFunction [common]
open class CircleShapeFunction@JvmOverloadsconstructor(val squareSize: Int = DEFAULT_CELL_SIZE, innerSpace: Int = defaultInnerSpace(squareSize)) : RoundSquaresShapeFunction
Creates circles instead of squares while drawing the QRCode. By default, the circles will keep 8% of the squareSize pixels away from each other, to have a more pleasing aesthetics.
DefaultShapeFunction [common]
open class DefaultShapeFunction(val squareSize: Int = DEFAULT_CELL_SIZE, innerSpace: Int = 1) : QRCodeShapeFunction
QRCodeShapeFunction [common]
interface QRCodeShapeFunction
Function to render (draw) a single square.
RoundSquaresShapeFunction [common]
open class RoundSquaresShapeFunction@JvmOverloadsconstructor(val squareSize: Int = DEFAULT_CELL_SIZE, radius: Int = defaultRadius(squareSize), innerSpace: Int = defaultInnerSpace(squareSize)) : DefaultShapeFunction
Creates "rounded squares" as the shapes on the QRCode.