class QRCodeBuilder@JvmOverloadsconstructor(shape: QRCodeBuilder.QRCodeShapesEnum, customShapeFunction: QRCodeShapeFunction? = null)


QRCodeBuilder [common]
constructor(shape: QRCodeBuilder.QRCodeShapesEnum, customShapeFunction: QRCodeShapeFunction? = null)


Name Summary
QRCodeShapesEnum [common]
enum QRCodeShapesEnum : Enum<QRCodeBuilder.QRCodeShapesEnum>


Name Summary
build [common]
fun build(data: String): QRCode
Builds a QRCode instance ready to use.
withAfterRenderAction [common]
fun withAfterRenderAction(action: QRCode.(QRCodeGraphics) -> Unit): QRCodeBuilder
Run a piece of code after the rendering is done.
withBackgroundColor [common]
fun withBackgroundColor(bgColor: Int): QRCodeBuilder
Background color of the QRCode.
withBeforeRenderAction [common]
fun withBeforeRenderAction(action: QRCode.(QRCodeGraphics) -> Unit): QRCodeBuilder
Run a piece of code before the rendering is done.
withColor [common]
fun withColor(color: Int): QRCodeBuilder
Color of the cells of the QRCode.
withCustomColorFunction [common]
fun withCustomColorFunction(colorFn: QRCodeColorFunction?): QRCodeBuilder
Sets the QRCode.colorFn value to a custom one. If set, the builder will ignore color and background.
withCustomShapeFunction [common]
fun withCustomShapeFunction(shapeFn: QRCodeShapeFunction?): QRCodeBuilder
Sets the QRCode.shapeFn value to a custom one. If set, the builder will ignore the shape parameter.
withGradientColor [common]
fun withGradientColor(startColor: Int, endColor: Int?, vertical: Boolean = true): QRCodeBuilder
Uses a LinearGradientColorFunction to choose colors for the QRCode.
withGraphicsFactory [common]
fun withGraphicsFactory(factory: QRCodeGraphicsFactory): QRCodeBuilder
Use a custom QRCodeGraphicsFactory instead of the default.
withInnerSpacing [common]
fun withInnerSpacing(innerSpacing: Int? = null): QRCodeBuilder
How much space there should be around each QRCode Cell. Defaults to 1 pixel, or 0 if a custom shape function is being used.
withLogo [common]
fun withLogo(logo: ByteArray?, width: Int, height: Int, clearLogoArea: Boolean = true): QRCodeBuilder
Adds an image on top of the QRCode, at the center of it.
withRadius [common]
fun withRadius(radius: Int): QRCodeBuilder
Radius of the edges of the Rounded Squares. Only applies for Rounded Squares. If set to a negative number, the default radius will be used.
withSize [common]
fun withSize(size: Int): QRCodeBuilder
Size of each individual space in the QRCode (each cell).