Package-level declarations


Name Summary
ErrorCorrectionLevel [common]
enum ErrorCorrectionLevel : Enum<ErrorCorrectionLevel>
The level of Error Correction to apply to the QR Code image. The Higher the Error Correction, the lower quality print the QRCode can be (think of "wow, even with the paper a bit crumpled, it still read the QR Code!" - that is likely a Q or H error correction).
MaskPattern [common]
enum MaskPattern : Enum<MaskPattern>
Patterns to apply to the QRCode. They change how the QRCode looks in the end.
QRCodeDataType [common]
enum QRCodeDataType : Enum<QRCodeDataType>
QRCode Modes. Basically represents which kind of data is being encoded.
QRCodeProcessor [common]
class QRCodeProcessor@JvmOverloadsconstructor(data: String, errorCorrectionLevel: ErrorCorrectionLevel = ErrorCorrectionLevel.M, dataType: QRCodeDataType = QRUtil.getDataType(data), val graphicsFactory: QRCodeGraphicsFactory = QRCodeGraphicsFactory())
A Class/Library that helps encode data as QR Code images without any external dependencies.
QRCodeRawData [common]
typealias QRCodeRawData = Array<Array<QRCodeSquare>>
Alias for a matrix of QRCodeSquare