Package-level declarations


Name Summary
Colors [common]
object Colors
Just a lot of colors to use when drawing :)
ColorType [common]
typealias ColorType = Int
DefaultColorFunction [common]
open class DefaultColorFunction(foreground: Int = Colors.BLACK, background: Int = Colors.WHITE) : QRCodeColorFunction
Default function for the QRCode cell color. Returns a color for the foreground ("dark") and another for the background and margin.
LinearGradientColorFunction [common]
class LinearGradientColorFunction@JvmOverloadsconstructor(val startForegroundColor: Int, val endForegroundColor: Int, val backgroundColor: Int = Colors.WHITE, var vertical: Boolean = true) : QRCodeColorFunction
QRCodeColorFunction [common]
interface QRCodeColorFunction
A function that selects a color for a give square. The default implementation chooses between fg, bg and margin given what should be rendered.