Package-level declarations


Name Summary
QRCodeRegion [common]
enum QRCodeRegion : Enum<QRCodeRegion>
Represents which part/region of a given square type a particular, single square is.
QRCodeSquare [common]
data class QRCodeSquare(var dark: Boolean, val row: Int, val col: Int, val moduleSize: Int, val squareInfo: QRCodeSquareInfo = QRCodeSquareInfo(DEFAULT, UNKNOWN))
Represents a single QRCode square unit. It has information about its "color" (either dark or bright), its position (row and column) and what it represents.
QRCodeSquareInfo [common]
data class QRCodeSquareInfo(val type: QRCodeSquareType, val region: QRCodeRegion)
Returns information on the square itself. It has the type of square and its region within its relative type.
QRCodeSquareType [common]
enum QRCodeSquareType : Enum<QRCodeSquareType>
The types available for squares in a QRCode.